Terms of Service


Webxicon.org (subsequently "The Service") is an online service provided by Sanakirja.org Solutions Oy (subsequently "The Company"). By accessing The Service, the user (subsequently "The User") agrees to follow these terms of service (subsequently "The Terms of Service"). If The User does not agree to The Terms of Serive, he or she does not have the right to access The Service.

Changes to The Terms of Service and to The Service

The Company has the right to change the Terms of Service. Significant changes will be announced on The Service's website or by e-mail to registered users. The changes will enter into force at the announced time. By continuing to use The Service after the terms have been changed, The User agrees to comply with the changed terms. The company has the right to change or remove the content, structure, functions, or other features of The Service or its parts. The User is responsible at his own expense for any changes to his equipment or software necessary for continuing to use The Service.

Service Availability

The service is by design available 24 hours a day. The Company does not provide any direct or indirect guarantees about the operation or features of the Service and does not guarantee that The Service will operate without interruptions or without errors. The Company always has the right to stop providing The Service in whole or in part, and the right to take The Service or part of it temporarily out of use for maintenance or other reasons, without any compensation obligation.

The Company has the right to prevent such use of The Service that violates the law, good manners or the protected rights of a third party, or that hinders or unreasonably burdens The Service or the network, threatens data security or protection, harms users of The Service, other third parties or The Company, or is otherwise contrary to The Terms of Service. If deemed necessary, The Company may also block The User's access to The Service without prior notice.

The User receives a limited right to use The Service in accordance with The Terms of Service. The User receives access to The Service and uses it at his or her own risk. The User is responsible for the acquisition, installation, maintenance and costs of the hardware, software, telecommunications and data transmission connections necessary for using The Service. The User may not use The Service in such a way that it causes an unreasonable load or other harm to the network, other networks connected to the network, users of The Service, other third parties or The Company.

Paid Features

The basic features of The Service are free of charge for The User. Various paid features can be ordered through The Service. The prices and terms of payment for paid features are declared separately for each feature. Depending on the feature, paid features can be subscribed to continuously or for a fixed time period. Both order methods are associated with a subscription time period during which the feature is available and the duration of which is chosen by The User when placing the order.

Continuous Subscriptions

Continuously subscribed paid features are accessible to The User starting from the first payment of the continuous subscription. Towards the end of the subscription period, The Service attempts to charge The User for the payment of the next subscription period. If the charge is successful, a new subscription period starts after the present subscription period. If the charge fails, or The User cancels the continuous subscription before the charge, the right to use the paid feature ends at the end of the present subscription period.

The Company has the right to change the prices and billing basis of the continuously subscribed paid features at its own discretion, by announcing it well in advance in The Service or in another way deemed appropriate. Unless otherwise announced for the paid feature, changes will be announced at least one (1) month before the change takes effect. If the value added tax or any other tax or public charge related to The Service or the application policy of the authorities regarding them changes, The Company has the right to immediately change the prices accordingly.

The company has the right to change the prices of continuously subscribed features without prior notice, insofar as the changes do not apply to existing subscriptions.

Fixed Time Period Subscriptions

Paid features ordered for a fixed time period are accessible to The User starting from the payment and ending at the end of the subscription period. The User has the option to lengthen the subscription before or after the end of the subscription period. When an additional fixed time period subscription is ordered during an existing subscription, the duration of the subscription is lengthened by the duration of the newly ordered subscription.

The Company has the right to change the prices of features ordered for a fixed time period without prior notice. Such changes do not affect fixed time period subscriptions that have already been paid for.

Responsibilities and Liability for Damages

The Company is not responsible for damages to The User caused by incorrect operation of The Service, interruptions in use, blocking of use, errors, deficiencies or incorrect information in The Service.

The Company is only liable to The User for such damage that has occurred when The User has made a payment for a feature of The Service, but The User has permanently lost the ability or right to use the paid feature. In this case, the amount to be compensated is at most the amount The User has paid for using The Service.


The Company handles personally identifiable information in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which can be read at Webxicon.org/privacy.php.

Applicable Law

The relationship between The Company and The User shall be governed by the laws of Finland.

If any section of The Terms of Service is now or at a later stage illegal or otherwise invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the other sections and the applicability to the use of The Service.

Contact Details

You may contact The Company by email at [javascript protected email address].